Les Mystères is inspired by New Orleans and the mythology centered around the loa, who are African spirits of worship across African, Cajun, and Creole cultures. le Corps la Croix is an agent of Baron Samedi and Lady Brigitte, taunting spirits who died from indulging in sin.
Sketch concepts of the protagonist, le Corps la Croix, who goes by the name Scully la Grey. In voodoo, loa are separated into families. Baron Samedi and Lady Brigitte are the heads of the guede loa, who are similar to grim reapers in Cajun mythology.
A ZBrush model for Scully.
A Maya mockup of Scully's bar.
Les Mystères is half old pharmacy, half bar, and Scully constantly moves its location using magic. Below are sketch mockups of some Layout pieces.
Two tone application with finished lineart

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